Sassenus Packaging is an innovative international trading company with more than
30 years experience in the packaging industry.

In addition to the extensive selection of standard products like bottles, caps, jars, taps and
dispensers, Sassenus Packaging is able to offer a wide range of exclusive and customised
products, because of close contacts with leading packaging manufacturers worldwide.

It is the comprehensive range of products, together with a flexible mentality and thorough
product know-how that have made Sassenus Packaging a valued and respected partner to
many customers across major industries throughout Europe.

Sassenus Packaging - the complete solution for all your packaging requirements!

dispensers, dosing pumps, faucets, aeroflowtap, containers, jerrycans, vented taps, caps, tamper evident caps, jars, flip top caps, Polytop, sprayers, lotion pumps, sprays, screw caps,
cosmetics, contract filling, cleaning, bottles, plastic, glass, foamers, spoons, measuring cups, child resistant closures, desinfection, Waddington & Duval, Worldwide Dispensers, Rieke, Englass